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Material Storage

 Walk-in blast freezer BMIL External W x L x H: 9’-8” x 9’-8” x 9’-8” 
 Explosion proof freezer ThermoFisher 20 cu. Ft. 


Autoclave processing Autoclave American Autoclave Internal 6.5 ft. (L) x 5 ft. (D), 800 F, 300 psi 
 Nitrogen generation system On-Site – N-160 PSA 3000 SCFH 
Clean lay-up room  including  debulking tool  and  vacuum pump 
Compression moulding Hot Press  
Liquid resin moulding RTM System Radius Engineering2100 cc – 27.5 bar – 180o
 (Post-)curing Oven ThermoTronInternal W x L x H (ft.): 3.3 x 3 x 3 
Oven Blue-m Internal W x L x H (ft.): 4 x 2 x 3 
Rapid prototyping 3D Printer 3D systems – ProJet 1500 

Sample Preparation

ScalePrecisa – EP 125SM125 g ± 0.01 mg
 ScalePrecisa – XT 920M920 g ± 1 mg
ScalePrecisa – XT 6200D6200 g ± 0.1 g
ConditioningBalance moisture analyzerSartorius – MA35M35 g ± 1 mg – infrared (heating element)
Resin Impregnation SystemBuehler – CAST’N VAC 1000
FurnaceBlue-m – 1200˚ LGO2 cu. Ft. – 1200oC
Furnace Barnstead Thermolyne0.5 cu. Ft – 1100oC
Cutting/Surface finishPrecision Diamond Saw CutterBuehler – IsoMet 4000
Polisher-GrinderBuehler – The EcoMet 300
Low Speed Diamond SawBuehler – IsoMet LSS

Materials Characterization

ThermomechanicalDMA (x2)TA Instruments – Q800[-150-600] oC – [0.001-18] N
TA Instruments – Q1000Baseline of ±15mW – [-180-725]oC
TA Instruments – DiscoveryBaseline of ±5uW – [-180-725]oC
TMA (x2)TA Instruments – Q400[-150-1,000] oC
TGATA Instruments – Discovery100 mg weight range – ambient to 1,200oC
Rheometer TA – InstrumentsDHR-3Peltier plate [-40 – 200] oC
 Anton Paar – MCR-502Peltier plate & couette – convection oven
Microscopic analysisSEMHitachi – S-3000NWith light element EDX
Digital MicroscopeKeyence- VHX-1000E54 million pixels camera – 3D stitching
Stereo MicroscopeNikon – SMZ745t
Analytical chemistryFTIRAgilent – 660-IRTGA-IR, transmission, ATR and diffuse reflectance up to 200oC
FTIR (handheld)Agilent – ExoScanInterchangeable sampling heads
UPLCWaters – Acquity UPLC H-Class systemQuaternary solvent manager – GPC and RPC
QMSWatersESI, APPI and APCI Ionizations
Nitrogen generatorPeaks Scientific – NML32A32 L/min – 6.9 bar

Machine Shop

CNC RouterMultiCamHeavy Duty 5 axis
 RoboDrillFANUC – T-21-iFLA
EDM DrillBELMONT – SY-M-2535 High Speed
Wire EDMBrother – HS-70AM
Waterjet CutterOMAX – Model 2652
Vertical Machining CenterLiTZ Hitech – LV-800
Turning CenterDoosan – Lynx 220
Band SawDoAll – Model 2013-V3
Band SawMarvel – Model 8
Diamond SawIMER – COMBI 1000, 14”
Diamond SawIMER – COMBI 250, 10″
Universal Milling MachineMAHO – Model MH-700
Milling MachineEX-CELL-O

Mechanical Characterization

Static testingMaterials Testing SystemMTS500 kN
 Materials Testing SystemInstron – Model 5982100 kN
Materials Testing SystemMTS50 kN
Materials Testing SystemInstron – Model 596950 kN
Fatigue Testing SystemInstron – Model 887225 kN
Axial-Torsion Fatigue Testing Instron – Model 887425 kN
Materials Testing SystemInstron – Model 33455 kN
Environmental ChamberInstron
Test FixturesWyomingASTM standards and Wyoming Fixtures
Digital Image Correlation SystemVIC-3D2 x 16 Megapixel Cameras
Impact & ballisticEnhanced Laser Velocity System (ELVS)
High Speed CameraFASTCAM – Model SA5750k fps
Drop Weight Impact Testing Frame
Ballistic Impact Gun
Gas Gun

Nondestructive Testing

CT ScanningMicro CT ScannerXradia – microXCT-400
Infrared testingFLIR CameraHoskin[-40-650] oC – 307,200 pixels IR camera
Ultrasonic testingPortable phased array and automated UT InstrumentOlympus – TomoScan FOCUS LT
Portable phased array InstrumentOlympus – OmniScan MX2
Eddy current array acquisition Olympus – OmniScan
BondmasterOlympus – 1000E+
Ultrasonic Flaw DetectorOlympus – EPOCH 600
Ultrasonic Thickness GageOlympus – 38DLP
Two axis encoded scannerOlympus – Glider
Dimensional testing3D coordinate measurement deviceFaro – Faro Arm Platinum
CMM 3D Laser ScannerNikon – 3D Cross Scanner


Dual Zone BonderHeaton
Heat BlanketsHeaton


DAQ modulesNational instruments

Computational Tools

CRN uses a variety of software packages to accomplish their work including Compro, Raven, Abaqus and CATIA. For more information on what they use, please contact us.

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