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As a knowledge creation, translation and application network, CRN works closely with academic and industry members to explore innovation and develop best practices for composites manufacturing. Our projects aim to fill the gap between academia and industrial application by translating basic research into technological readiness, sharing current knowledge and best practice, and exploring innovation alongside industry experts. 

CRN Projects 



Organizations and industries involved in manufacturing or using composite materials can benefit by participating in the CRN, contact us to see how we can support you.

  • Solve specific technical challenges 
  • Learn from the best-practice knowledge base 
  • Train your personnel in current technical applications 


Benefit from our extensive network of research partners within Canada and across the world. We would like to hear from you if your research interests relate to composites.


Companies participating in projects cover their own direct in-kind contribution costs. CRN covers the cost of research and engineering staff, access to laboratories, technicians and integration of outcomes into KPDs. Contact us to find out about other funding support that may be available.

Sponsorship and Investment

CRN relies on funding from government and industry to support the composites industry effectively. If you would like to explore sponsorship or other investment opportunities, please contact us.

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